Maxi Dress

In today’s outfit, I chose a spring-esque maxi dress from Shein, with a print of high seasonal relevance. It in fact allows for a smooth transition for the summer ahead.. What I adored the most is the overlay on the… Continue Reading

Zara Jumpsuit

Hello, Today’s outfit is a lovely Zara jumpsuit, combined with probably the trendiest coat style of this year. It is one of my favorite outfits and I really hope you like it! Γεια σας, στο σημερινό outfit φοράω ένα υπέροχο… Continue Reading

Lace up top

Today has been a beautiful day and I have been in great mood, as you can see. I met up with my friends, grabbed a takeaway coffee and sauntered through the beautiful, old part of my hometown. These pictures display… Continue Reading

Camel Parka

Hello, I have mentioned in an older post that camel color is my favourite for this season, so when I found this particular camel parka, it instantly became an asset I wanted for my wardrobe! Today’s outfit features Jennyfer clothes and a… Continue Reading


Hello, Today’s outfit is monochrome and casual, which is how I usually dress up in the morning. I generally adore formal clothes, but my job and my overall routine won’t let me put on my high-heels. These particular boots are… Continue Reading

Fringe kimono

Hello everyone! Today I am presenting an already favorite of this year, a velvet kimono with fringes, which I purchased recently for an annual, electronic music festival in Thessaloniki. This kimono is special in that it is embroidered with studs and… Continue Reading