Greetings everyone, It is officially springtime, but March has been customarily volatile with respect to the weather. Today, however, was a brilliant, sunny day and I decided to apply the season’s properties on my outfit, that is, bright and vibrant… Continue Reading


Hello, Today’s outfit is monochrome and casual, which is how I usually dress up in the morning. I generally adore formal clothes, but my job and my overall routine won’t let me put on my high-heels. These particular boots are… Continue Reading

Fringe kimono

Hello everyone! Today I am presenting an already favorite of this year, a velvet kimono with fringes, which I purchased recently for an annual, electronic music festival in Thessaloniki. This kimono is special in that it is embroidered with studs and… Continue Reading

Blue Royal outfit

The situation in my country is aggravating day by day; the economy has crumbled into pieces of unlivable conditions. Some politicians used to manipulate our national income to their advantage, they emptied out public depositories of the people’s financial resources;… Continue Reading

Kimono Cardigan

A few days ago, I traveled to a beautiful island, Thassos, which is close to my hometown and I grasped the opportunity to take some pictures for the blog. Thassos is a small island with spectacular beaches and verdant mountain… Continue Reading

Navy Striped Dress

I opened my closet the other day to put in a beautiful knitted striped sweater and I realized that I have developed a tendency in buying striped clothes. Today’s outfit is combined with a simple navy striped midi dress with… Continue Reading