Underhill West

Το 2005 σε μία μικρή πόλη της Ελλάδος, στην Ξάνθη δημιουργήθηκε μία μοντέρνα rock/rock’n’roll μπάντα που ακούει στο όνομα Underhill West! Η υπέροχη αυτή μπάντα αποτελείται απο τους Μιχάλη Χατζόπουλο, Τάσο Αβραμίδη, Πασχάλη Παπούδα, Μιχάλη Μουχλιανίτη και Ιωάννη Βαρελίδη. και οι… Continue Reading

Nidodileda top

In today’s outfit, I chose a lovely Nidodileda top, who are based in Athens. Nidodileda is a Greek company and their line is predominantly inspired by bohemian style; their clothing collection features light and wearable clothes, with an impactful hint… Continue Reading


The present season when the sunlight is not bright enough for sunbathing and for wearing our summer clothes on our tanned bodies (albeit I personally resort to self-tanning lotions, given that direct sunlight can be detrimental to our health), a… Continue Reading


Greetings everyone, It is officially springtime, but March has been customarily volatile with respect to the weather. Today, however, was a brilliant, sunny day and I decided to apply the season’s properties on my outfit, that is, bright and vibrant… Continue Reading